Give yourself permission
to make a change.

JFB Counseling, PLLC

If you feel quirky and maybe a little weird sometimes—you are not alone!

If you are sure nobody else feels the way you do—you are not alone!

I use a practical, genuine approach to discover which techniques work best to help you identify the parts of your life you want to change.

There is no “one right way” to heal from our disappointments or traumas. You will laugh, cry and you will learn more about yourself. I bring a lifetime of experiences, failures, successes and education to my practice but, you are the expert of your life and I will listen.

Believe in your potential

I believe everyone has the potential to find what makes them happy and comfortable being their true self.  If what you’re doing now isn’t working and you are ready to try something different — call me.

How I Work

I listen, listen, and listen. I help you begin to really listen to yourself too.  Listen as you talk about what brings you pain, what gives you joy.  We will journey down a path of questions that are specifically designed to draw out solutions to the parts of your life you want to change.

When you enter therapy with me you step into a calm, comfortable space to spend some time. I believe people can find the best solutions for their lives with a little help. I utilize a variety of methods to help you connect to your hopes and dreams.

Things can get better.

Discover a different way to parent


I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with extensive experience working with adults, adolescents, children and families.  I have devoted many years to helping hundreds of families improve communication and help parents understand what children need from them.

I teach Active Parenting 4th Edition (for parents of children 4 thru 12) as well as Cooperative Parenting for co-parents who find themselves in conflict about child rearing.

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